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A lone out now!


Pi Mezon is a Finnish progressive rock/metal band from Eastern Finland, from a town called Joensuu. It was originally founded by guitarist/composer Ilja Koslonen (Serpenthia, Systematic Sickness Kin) back in 2007 after he has fallen in love with such bands as Porcupine Tree and Pain of Salvation and their unique way of creating big emotions in an interesting musical form.

At first, Pi Mezon was one man project as Koslonen tried out new musical ideas that haven’t been possible to carry out with his other bands. It took him about a year to put the right pieces together and the idea of a concept album was born. Years passed and the idea kept developing in the background while Koslonen was concentrating on other musical activities.

In spring of 2011 things took a leap forward when Koslonen needed a singer and drummer for his school project which consisted of three songs he had written under the name of Pi Mezon. He decided to ask his friends Jarkko Maula and Sami Ratilainen (Cult of Endtime, Inharmonic) to this task. Both were excited about the songs and afterwards they were talks about recording the full-length album that Koslonen had in his mind. Yet the time wasn’t right…

The production of the album really got started in 2013 when Koslonen began to build the basis by recording synths and guitars at his home studio. He made some changes to earlier ideas and added a couple of new songs to complete the concept to it’s full potential. But again, other activities prolonged the process and finally in fall of 2016 the band decided to finish the album by recording the drums, vocals and rest of the instruments within the next few months. Koslonen finished the mixing process late spring of 2017 and the album, ’A Lone’ was ready to be released in July 7th 2017.

’A Lone’ has been praised by it’s catchy, melancholic melodies, while the instrumentation and arrangements offer unconventional viewpoints to curious listeners. Band’s lyrical approach is deeply emotional completing the musical journey that is Pi Mezon.

Right now Pi Mezon is concentrating to play live shows in Finland, but the main aim is reaching wider audiences all around the world.

The next album is also almost written and its production will start sometime in next year.

Band Line-Up:
Jarkko Maula – Vocals
Ilja Koslonen – Guitar and Synth
Sami Ratilainen – Drums
(Anssi Hyttinen – Live Bass)
(Petri Tarvainen – Live Guitar)

Contact us by email: pimezonband@gmail.com or contact form.